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Advance – July 21st, 2007

Friday, July 27th, 2007

Download (192kbps MP3) Advance [Blend] Dubstep Tracklist: Hoodz “Kong” – TSTEP Marlow “Tremors – Boka Forensics “First Dynasty” – Revolution Reso “Toasted” – Pitch Black Mala “Forgive” – Deep Medi Musik Junior Boys “Double Shadow [Kode 9 rmx]” Cyrus “Gutter” – Tectonic MTR “?” After Dark “Overshine” – Boka Juniors Kosh “Funeral March” – A.R.M.Y. […]

Raise – 7/7/2007

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Download (192kbps MP3) Set your table for a hot bowl of audio bouillabaisse, hand crafted by one of the Shelter SF master cooks. Raise [Shelter] Drum & Bass Tracklist: Scorn “Look at That” Kevin Yost “Big Room Beat” – Tokyo Lounge Zero One “I Like That” Saul Williams “Black Stacey [Deadbeat rmx]” Mowree “Inside [original […]

DJ M – 7/7/2007

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Download (192kbps MP3) Download – clean – no mic (192kbps MP3) Upfront, leftfield jungle simmered with emotive rollers, spiced drumfunk and a dash of classic hardstep. DJ M [Future Breaks FM!, Still Doin’ It] Drum & Bass Tracklist: Mutt “Training Suite” – Breakbeat Science Spirit “Orchid” – InnaActive Electrosoul System “Just Because You Walk Away” […]

Seismic – 6/30/2007

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Download (192kbps MP3) Check the two-hour back-to-back breaks mashup from the Seismic massive! Trav, Murphstar, Samira, Brett Pinkin [Seismic] Breaks Tracklist: TRAV SELECTS ? “GET UP AND DANCE” – PIRATE BREAKS VIGI “I FOUND LOVE” – STREETWISE BRETT PINKIN SELECTS SWEATY HUNKS “FAT DERRIC” – EAST 10SUI & RAGGA TWINS “BRING FORTH YA BOOTY” – […]

Jus Wan – 6/23/2007

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Download (160kbps MP3) JUS WAN [Future Breaks FM!] Dubstep Appleblim “Vansan” (Skull Disco) Shed “Masques” [A Made Up Sound Refix] (Soloaction) TRG & Dub U “Losing Marbles” (Unreleased) DJG “Undub” (Unreleased) Herd “Widower” [Innerlign Remix] (Unreleased) South3rn “Untitled” (Untitled) South3rn “[]” (Unrelesed) Skanna “Find Me” [Jus Wan Remix] (Unreleased) DJG “Shadow Skankin’” (Narcohz Dub) DLX […]

Caspa – 6/23/2007

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Download (160kbps MP3) CASPA [Tempa, Dub Police] Dubstep Tracklist: Dubwoofer “Kingdom Come” Others “Bushido” [Caspa Remix] Caspa & Rusko “Rock Bottom” Caspa “Moments In Love Remix” L-Wiz “Girl From Codeine City” (Dub police) Caspa “Cockney Flute” [Rusko Remix] (Dub Police) Skream “Dutch Flowers” [Rusko Remix] N-Type “Way Of The Dub” [Caspa Remix] Caspa “Louder” Others […]