DJ M – 7/7/2007

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Upfront, leftfield jungle simmered with emotive rollers, spiced drumfunk and a dash of classic hardstep.

[Future Breaks FM!, Still Doin’ It]
Drum & Bass


Mutt “Training Suite” – Breakbeat Science
Spirit “Orchid” – InnaActive
Electrosoul System “Just Because You Walk Away” – Red Mist
Martsman “Antifunk” – Counter Intelligence
Lomax “Profiler” – Bounce
Martsman “Step Up (Berlin)” – Hotshore (Hotflush vs. Offshore)
Instra:Mental “Comanche” – Darkestral
Sabre “Point Blank” – Bassbin
Spirit “Mind to Mind” – Shogun Audio
Senses & Survival “Kaikan” – Horizons Music
Survival “Shadow” – Osiris
Aperture “Losing the Point” – Outsider
Justice “Airsign [Survival rmx]” – Modern Urban Jazz
Macc “Set the World on Fire” – Transmute
Goldie “This is a Baad [Source Direct rmx]” – Razors Edge
Future Forces Inc “Point of Origin” – Renegade Hardware
Danny Breaks “Mars to Jupiter” – Droppin’ Science

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