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Surya Dub Massive – 1/27/2007

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

Download (96kbps AAC) SURYA DUB MASSIVE Maneesh the Twister, Kid Kameleon, Ripley, Kush Arora [Surya Dub] Dubwise Beats KID KAMELEON The Jarko Boomer “Ping 3” (Lowphat Records) Dabrye “No Child of God” (Ghostly International) Krazy Baldhead “Applejuice” (Ed Banger) Ghislain Poirier “Don’t Smile, It’s Postmodern” (Chocolate Industries) Maga Bo “Bakel Feat Bigg [Dr. Das rmx]” […]

Reflex – 1/20/2007

Monday, February 5th, 2007

Download (96kbps AAC) Lukenio + Retox + Kinetik [REFLEX] b2b session! Drum & Bass Skream “Request Line [Zinc rmx]” (Bingo) tease-> TC “Jump” (DSR) Deep Blue “Who Got the Beats?” (Offshore) D’Kay “Desire” (Brigand) Cyantific “Don’t Follow ft. Diane Charlemagne” (Hospital) Ed Rush & Optical “French Kiss rmx” D’Kay & Lee “Wax’d” (Metalheadz) SKC “Offguard” […]

N-Type – 1/20/2007

Monday, February 5th, 2007

The mighty N-Type was in San Francisco to headline Pioneers of Dubstep v2, presented by SureFire Productions. This one features dubs galore and the man himself having a chat on the mic. Big up my mum, innit! Download (96kbps AAC) N-Type [Tempa, FWD, Terrain Recs, Dub Police] Dubstep DJ M’s Drum & Bass selections: Martyn […]

Bscrivn’ – 1/13/2007

Monday, February 5th, 2007

Download (96kbps AAC) Bscrivn’ [ELEV8] Drum & Bass Subwave “Sounds Kinda Funky” (New Identity NIR034B) ? “?” (New Identify NIR034C) Alix Perez & Specific “Drive By” (Progress) Redeyes “I Live” (Creative Source) ? ? (Phunkfiction 006) ? ? (LIS019 B) ? ? (SGN001 A) Potential Badboy “You’re Mine VIP” (Ganja) Potential Badboy “Bitch” (Ganja) Seba […]

Seraphim Delush – 1/13/2007

Monday, February 5th, 2007

Download (96kbps AAC) Seraphim Delush [SisterSF] Electro-Pop-House DJ M’s Drum & Bass intro selections: ASC “Pacific Breeze” (Vibez) Angelzero “Recess” (Warm Communications dub) Sonar Circle “Craterous” (Treble O) Zero Tolerance “Hennerson’s Wife” (Bassbin) Seraphim Delush: Mylo & Tocadisco “Muscle Car” (Toca) Tiga “Move My Body” (Pias) Bloc Party “Helicopter [Weird Science rmx]” (Vice) The Knife […]