Fife – 2/4/2006

Fife gives a sneak preview of his set at Still Doin’ It later in the evening with a top blend of deep techstep and forward-thinking jungle.

Download (96kbps AAC)

Obligatory anorak photo

[I.R.G., Faultline]
Drum & Bass

Deep Blue “Who Got the Beats” (Offshore)
Silent Witness & Break “Trippy” (Commercial Suicide)
Influx UK “Moody ’97” (Formation)
SKC “Oblivion” (Commercial Suicide)
Amit “Reorder” (Commercial Suicide)
Martyn “Get Down” (Revolve:r)
Seba & Paradox “It’s All Love” (Paradox Music)
Big Bud “Tears” (Paradox Music)
Silent Witness & Break “Rainman” (Commercial Suicide)
Hive, Keaton, Echo, Gridlok “Violent Sound” (Violence)
Hive & John Tejada “Air Raid” (Commercial Suicide)
Cartridge “X-1” (Bassbin)
Kemal “Bleed” (Negative)
Special Forces “Sidewinder” (Photek Productions)
Ed Rush & Optical “Medicine rmx” (Virus)
Digital “Gateman” (Phantom Audio)
Hive, Keaton, Echo, Gridlok “Culture” (Violence)

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