Brian Frost – 1/28/2006

Frost has slowly but surely built up his fSOUND rig to become the leading soundman in SF Drum & Bass. He took time out of his busy preparations for the upcoming fSOUND III party with Pendulum, AK1200, D Bridge, Gridlok and more to draw some heat from his immaculately organized record crate.

Download (96kbps AAC)

Jus:Wan, Brian Frost

Brian Frost
Drum & Bass

D Kay “Serenade” (Brigand)
Syncopix “Travellin’ Man” (Hospital)
D Bridge vs Commix “Providence” (Exit)
Calibre “Kaya” (Signature)
MIST ft. Jenna G “Lover” (Soul:r)
Marcus Intalex “Out of Touch” (Revolve:r)
Mutt & D Bridge “Dublites” (Horizons)
Q-Project “Bang Out” (Creative Source)
Q-Project “2 Little 2 Late” (Advanced)
Q-Project “Tears” (Creative Source)
Q-Project “Ask Not VIP” (Advanced)
Benny Page “Dub Room” (Cutterz Choice)
Marky & A-Sides “Special” (Eastsides)
Mindscape “Chillin” (Hospital)
Marcus Intalex & ST Files “Lose Control” (Metalheadz)
Logistics “Bounce” (CDR)
Pendulum “Slam” (Breakbeat Kaos)

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