Ethan Jenkins (aka the dj PUSH) has been electrically charging dancefloors with his unique approach to bass-heavy funk served over futurism for more than fifteen years. When you hear the man in action, you can't help but think something special is going on. Mr. Jenkins blends the rhythmic, the soulful and the technological aspects of machine made music with the loving care of one who has been connected with the industry long before the term Rave existed. Dance music is an everyday constant for Ethan Jenkins. For him, music is a mission.

Throughout his long and seasoned career, Mr. Jenkins has accomplished a great deal. After DJing for over five years, the mighty Rave came into existence and Jenkins continued to absorb electronic culture, but now with a more focused appreciation. Following his freshman years in the LA scene, Ethan left for Seattle in late '92 where his commitment to DJing and electronic music flourished over the next two years. This was also where he met and began a close working relationship with Andrew Smith, founder and publisher of XLR8R Magazine. As the story goes, Ethan Jenkins is employee number two at the now legendary publication where over the next eight-plus years he would go on to fill almost every position at the magazine at one point or another; but not all in Seattle.

By the fall of '94 Mr. Jenkins had settled in San Francisco where he continues to live and work in the electronic music industry today. After continuing with house and techno for a short while, his djing was positively altered by his introduction to the sound of drum & bass. Mr. Jenkins' shift to jungle is marks a shift that would alter his career dramatically. At that point the name dj PUSH was bestowed upon Mr. Jenkins while he became known and respected a major player in the burgeoning new scene.

Over the next few years dj PUSH would start the now legendary bi-weekly, roving warehouse event, Step2K, with partners from Blasthaus. He also was booked and djed the drum & bass rooms for the first three dance music events to be held inside the San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art. In '98 Mr. Jenkins worked with the We Work It Entertainment Group where he co-founded the Global DJ Academy and their yearly awards events as well as editing the organizations quarterly journal. In the same year he also booked, djed and co-produce the SF AIDS Dance-a-thon.

Also in '98 Mr. Jenkins joined forces with Ms. E and Arc Angel Gabe Real to create the well-respected, weekly radio program, Future Breaks FM. Future Breaks would go on to become a Bay Area institution featuring the best and brightest local and international guest DJs plus all the 411 on drum & bass. The next year saw the formation of True Intent Recordings, the executive branch of current operations. Along with the three original Future Breaks members, Mikebee, Sea, and Jason Greer rounded out the team.

More recently, Mr. Jenkins was flown to Dublin to cover the Red Bull Music Academy's yearly seminar on the business of djing. Also that year he joined forces again with Ms. E to produce a syndicated, presenter oriented electronic music program for the Radio-V website which ran for a year. As a guest dj, PUSH has appeared on more than a dozen radio stations around the country. And keeping with his voracious musical appetite, Mr. Jenkins has been the record buyer at Housewares on Upper Haight Street in SF since '98 where he fills the store weekly with the best in nu breaks, 2 step, electro broken beats and drum & bass.