San Francisco, CA
January 11, 2008

This month Future Breaks FM! counts more than a decade of weekly Saturday afternoon broadcasts on KUSF 90.3 FM, San Francisco.

Upon proudly celebrating 10 years of the show's rich history at the forefront of Drum & Bass, Breaks, Dubstep, Grime, Broken Beat, 2Step and other emerging genres, the hosts of Future Breaks are satisfied that the time has now come to pass the torch and retire the weekly broadcasts of the program.

The final broadcast of Future Breaks FM! will air live January 26, 2008 at 4pm PST. Our online presence at www.futurebreaks.fm will be preserved and we may continue to podcast select archival programs from the "vaults" as well as other surprises.

Our small, non-profit radio show was founded in January 1998 by Ms. E, dj PUSH and Arc Angel Gabe Real as an outlet for underground 21st Century electronic dance music featuring weekly, live in-studio mixing by turntable DJs.

Further support came by way of massive assistance and varying contributions of time and energy from Bay Area players mikebee, dMarie, Sophia, Jimmy Goohoo, Donger, Ultraviolet, DJ Sea, Jason Greer, Buna and a number of others who generously offered their time to the weekly production of the program.

By the early years of this millennium Ms. E and Gabe Real moved on to allow more time for their careers and families while dj PUSH remained committed to broadcasting and continued the weekly program with part-time assistance from within the community.

In more recent years Jus Wan and DJ M joined the team and brought renewed energy to the Future Breaks FM! brand. They added to the continued focus on quality that helped evolve the show's musical direction and flesh out its substantive Internet presence. Newest recruit Canadub brought further enthusiasm and dedication to the multi-faceted Future Breaks staff that has lovingly volunteered time to the weekly production of the program.

Although difficult, it was entirely our decision to end our long run. We are extremely thankful to have such a powerful platform to share the music we so believe in; it has been an amazing opportunity for which we feel extremely lucky.

We wish to extend our deepest gratitude to our countless special guests from the Bay Area, across America and around the globe who stopped by on tour, took time off work, dragged themselves out of bed, and otherwise made the effort to come into the studios and smash up the airwaves with us. Equally in our hearts is our community of listeners, from the long-time diehards (you know who you are!) and regular listeners who otherwise would have little or no connection to DJ culture, to first-timers who happened to pause at 90.3 on their FM dial or to download an episode that caught their attention on a Web site. Also not to be forgotten are our good friends, the Bay Area event promoters who worked with us over the years to publicize parties and who provided free tickets, CD's and vinyl to our listeners.

Finally, we wish to acknowledge a rewarding, decade-long relationship with the amazing staff of KUSF 90.3 FM, who have served the Bay Area tirelessly in their own unique, independent, commercial-free way for 30 years and counting.


Jus Wan
and the Rest of the extended Future Breaks FM! family


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