Arc Angel Gabe Real (Gabriel Elash) has adventured around the country fueled by his passion for discovering dance music. Defining his musical vision back in Arizona in '92, Gabe Real wants to create a sonic journey through dance music. Since then Gabe Real has kept listeners captivated with his eclectic mix of funk and soul. His vinyl fetish is evident in his extensive collection of funky breaks, drum & bass and abstract hip hop.

He followed his heart to San Francisco in 1995 where a host of vinyl treats and opportunities awaited him. The drum & bass frequency grabbed his soul with sounds from the Moving Shadow label and the atmospheric layered melodies and rhythms of LTJ Bukem. Gabe Real plays out often and is known around town for his funky, energetic and soulful performances. His residences at the infamous Stompy Hi-Fi and La Belle Epoque parties helped solidify Gabe Real's place in the booming SF music scene. He has since gone on the help companies like Recordpressing.com, Radio-V, Capulus, and Hi-Roller connect with the global underground.

In the last few years Gabe Real has been busier than ever. Gabe Real, Ms.E and Dj PUSH, co founded Future Breaks FM, the Bay Area's first all drum & Bass radio transmission. Shortly thereafter, Gabe Real was given the opportunity to start a record label. With the help of longtime DJ partners Mike Bee and DJ Sea, America’s first Atmospheric Drum and Bass label,True Intent Recordings was born. It was not long before both True Intent and Future Breaks crews forged together to become one of San Francisco's strongest outfits promoting underground dance music.

Most recently Gabe Real has worked with internationally recognized XLR8R and Flyer magazines, as well as co-founding A.I.M, an unpresidented collective of liked minded drum & bass record labels. Gabe Real continues his support of independent music with his newest endevour, All Night Music Agency, which finds Gabe Real representing recording artist to prospective record labels. However, the birth of his daughter Sadie in December of 2001 has been his brightest moment yet. "It has made me more aware of the infinite possibilities life has for us", says Gabe Real, "life is a journey of limitless possibilities."