Martyn and Amit interviews – 5/5/2007

Download (192kbps MP3)

Two inta-natty soldiers, Martyn and Amit happened to be in SF on the same weekend so we invited them into the studio for a chat about their recent accomplishments, forthcoming releases, approaches to making music and plans for further world domination!

[Soul:r/Revolve:r, Bassbin, Offshore – Rotterdam, NL]

[Commercial Suicide – Slough, UK]

2 Responses to “Martyn and Amit interviews – 5/5/2007”

  1. freeman Says:

    Hi Futurebreaks,

    I am looking for the name/title of the tune which plays at the end of the Amit interview (with the oriental sounding female voices).

    Thx a lot and keep up the great work.

    Guy, Belgium

  2. DJ M Says:

    Ez Guy, that one is:

    Amit “Motherland” (Commercial Suicide) [SUICIDE022 B]

    Thanks for the kind words!!


    DJ M

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