Genome & DJ M – 3/25/2006

The duo bringing out the Commercial Suicide Tour 2006 featuring Klute & Amit [Live PA] give a taste of what’s in store that night. Don’t miss it upstairs at 1015 Folsom on Friday March 31st as part of Get Freaky, also with Stanton Warriors, Lorin, Lee Coombs and many more.

Download (96kbps AAC, 77MB)
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Genome & DJ M
[Groundscore] vs [Faultline]
Studio B live mix
Drum & Bass

Nookie “Balance Point” (Looking Good)
Legacy “Breakin Point” (Bear Necessities)
Nookie “Sound Scaped” (Good Looking)
Dillinja “Rapture” (Test)
Marcus Intalex & ST Files “Warp 3 [Total Science rmx]” (CIA LTD)
Paradox “Furtive Drummer” (Reinforced)
Source Direct “The Crane” (Source Direct)

Nucleus & Paradox “Aragon” (Metalheadz)
Spirit “Vertigo” (Commercial Suicide)
Adam F “Metropolis” (Metalheadz)

Digital “Warp 2” :: Dubzilla LP (Function)
Klute “We Are the Ones VIP” (Commercial Suicide)
Breakage “Astro” (Critical)

Breakage “The Look” (Scientific Wax)
Spirit “Siren [Hive rmx]” (CDR)
Phantom Audio “Gateman [Keaton rmx]” (Phantom Audio)

Alpha Omega “Decade 303 [Pieter K rmx]” (Thermal)
Resound “Star Shade” (CDR)
ASC & Motion “Switchblade” (Camino Blue)

Break “Dream Sequence” (Quarantine)
Keaton & Hive “?” (CDR)
Amit “Motherland” (Commercial Suicide)
Klute “We Are All Dying” (Soul:r)
Hive, Gridlok, D-Bridge, Break “Standing Room Only” (Violence CDR)
Marcus Intalex “Out of Touch” (Revolve:r)
Amit “Myth” (Inneractive)

Amit “Changes” (Function)
Seba & Krazy “Pipeline” (Bassbin CDR)

Amit “MK Ultra” (Commercial Suicide)
Amit “Pirates” (Metalheadz)

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