DJ M – 12/24/2005

An eclectic unmixed Christmas Eve selection…

Download – DJ M (96kbps AAC)

[Faultline, Future Breaks FM, Still Doin It]
Studio A selection
Drum & Bass / Broken Beat / Dub / House

Troubleman “Without You feat. Steve Spacek” :: Time Out of Mind (Farout)
Domu “So Precious” :: Return of the Rogue (Archive)
Madvillain “Fancy Clown feat. Viktor Vaughn” :: Madvillainy (Stones Throw)
Troubleman “Time…Out of Mind” :: Time Out of Mind (Farout)
Infekto “Living Dead” :: Occam’s Razor (Nine2Five)
Sesame Street “Pinball Number Count”
Domu “Like This” :: Return of the Rogue (Archive)
Fabian “Prophecy” (Tribesman)
Mad Professor “Kathmandu Dub” :: Evolution Of Dub: Black Liberation Dub, Chapter 3 (Ariwa)
Deep Blue “Metropolitain Dub” :: Metropolitain Chic (Scale)
Martsman “Antifunny” :: Genom (Plain Audio)
Marva Whitney “Unwind Yourself” :: James Brown’s Original Funky Divas (Polygram)
Icons “Fluid Dynamics” :: Emotions With Intellect (Precious Audio)

Socks & Sandals “Lover” (Microcosm)
Tundra “Deep Sleep” (Microcosm)
Nucleus & Paradox “Twelve Bits” (Metalheadz) [missing from recording]
Seba & Paradox feat. Robert Manos “Wake Up Call” (Secret Operations)
Mav & Implex “Ocean of Oceans” (Covert Operations)
Klute & Pieter K “Material Trip” (Offshore/Commercial Suicide)
Hidden Agenda “Channel” (Metalheadz)
Macc “Journeys” (Outsider)
Electrosoul System “See the Light” (Camino Blue)

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