9/10/2005 – fSOUND Pt1

Download – Brian Frost & Kozee Pt1 (96kbps AAC)

fSOUND Special – Kozee & Brian Frost – Part 1
Studio B live mix
Drum & Bass

Pendulum “Plastic World” :: Hold Your Color LP
Mathematics “?” (Social Studies)
A.I. “?” (Hospital)
Pacific “I Want You So Bad” (Cyanide)
Juju “Exotica” (Phuturo)
Marcus Intalex “Love & Happiness” (31)
? “?” (?)
D. Kay “In My Soul” (Bingo)
D Bridge “Something to Hide” (Creative Source)
Q Project “Bang Out” (Creative Source)
D. Kay “Pipe Dreams” (Bingo)
Klute & Calibre “Losing You” (Commercial Suicide)
Solid State “Just a Vision [Calibre rmx]” (Renegade)
Marcus Intalex “Immersed” (Revolve:r)
Verse & Keaton “White Crow” (Crunch)
ST Files & Calibre “Henshaw Dub” (Soul:r)
Amit “Changing Lanes” (Function)
Silver “Last Action Hero” (cd-r)
? “Shout Vol. 1” (Shout)

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