7/30/2005 – DJ M

This show was plagued by equipment failure. See if you can spot the 1.5 minutes of locked groove skipping during this set caused by a bad tonearm. That was soon followed by static buzzing from a turntable hot-swap (thanks Mikebee & Just:One!). Of course the replacement deck had a wobbly platter so we ditched it for a CDJ. Hey if it were easy would it be as fun?

Download – DJ M (96kbps AAC)

[Faultline, Fahrenheit 111, Still Doin’ It, Future Breaks FM]
Studio B live mix
Broken Beat / Drum & Bass

Domu “Mara Jade” (Archive)
Rustic Hut “Fathead Paranoia” (Public Transit)
Vikter Duplaix “Looking for Love [Bugz rmx]” (V2)
Freeq Unique “Mind & Soul” (Bitasweet)
Somatik “Really R” (Twisted Funk)
David Borsu “Mannequin Mankind” (Amalgama)
Actual Proof “Maybe We’ll Stay [Nubian Mindz rmx]” (Offshore Limited)

Method One “Flight Zero [2005 rmx]” (CDR)
Resound “Status Quo” :: Subscription Series 001 (Covert Operations)
Raster “Burning” (CDR)
Resound “Runnin” :: Community Service EP (Warm Communications)
Doubledown “Original Vibes Machine” (CDR)
Macc “Drum Day [Beta 2 rmx]” (Counter Intelligence)
Paradox “No Character” (Inperspective CDR)

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