11/5/2005 – Method One

Loads of CDR dubplate pressure in this set from Method One, the Drum & Bass DJ/producer repping fSOUND, Clandestine and the Covert Operations label.

Download – Method One (96kbps AAC)

Method One

Method One
[Covert Operations, fSOUND, Clandestine]
Studio B live mix
Drum & Bass

ASC “Starbeams” (CDR)
Method One “Ease Yourself” (Cov Ops CDR)
Sentient [aka Psidream] “Theorem” (Cov Ops)
Break “Motion Design” (Levitated CDR)
Blame “Diablo” (720 CDR)
Method One “?” (CDR)
Orion “Control” (Vibez CDR)
Break “The Race” (Commercial Suicide CDR)
MRN “Hallways” (Testflight CDR)
Simon Bassline Smith “Palomino [Silver rmx]” (Technique)
Juju “All Right” (Phuturo CDR)
? “?” (Lion Dubs)

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