12/3/2005 – DJ M

DJ M rolls out some brand spanking new vinyl and unreleased CDR exclusives for another journey into the forefront of Drum & Bass.

Download – DJ M (96kbps AAC)

[Faultline, Future Breaks FM, Still Doin It]
Studio B live mix
Drum & Bass

Mav “The Curse” (Covert Operations)
ASC “Forcefield” (Covert Operations)
Seba & Paradox “It’s All Love” (Paradox Music)
Seba & Paradox “No Words Can Describe It” (Secret Operations)
Fanu “Lightless” (Inperspective CDR)
Baron “Face Card” (L Plates)
Stunna & Amaning “Mutual Life” (CDR)
Electrosoul System “See the Light” (Camino Blue)
Method One “Ease Yourself” (CDR)
Nucleus & Paradox “Labyrinthine” (Esoteric)
Bachelors of Science & Stunna “Rhodes Ahead” (CDR)
Nucleus & Paradox “Aragon” (Metalheadz)
Cartridge “X Minus One” (Bassbin CDR)
Macc “Swallow It” (Outsider)
Senses “Saint Germaine” (CDR)
Martsman “Ago” (Offshore/Commercial Suicide)

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