Teflon Jacket – 8/26/2006

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Teflon Jacket

Teflon Jacket
[Spin This!, Activ, Tokyo Electric, Dark Tekno Collective, www.electroset.net]

Cryo “Ice in You” :: First Wave CD (Red Mist Recordings)

Sbles3plex “The Virtual Place Is The Future” (Fundamental Bass Intelligence)
Anthony Rother “Compression [Wet Baby Mix]” (Psi City 001)
Syntopia “Brainiacs Theme” :: Tec Roc’s Brainiac EP (Kommando 6)
Benisch & Mull “Shadows” :: Silhouettes EP (Inside Rec)
Midimiliz ft. Durinterpret “Antibody” :: No Alibi EP (Boshke Beats Records)
Devilfish ft. Egotron “Supernova” :: Passive Aggressive EP (Frequent)
The Consumer “Part of My Life” (Kondi)
Dark Vector “Sempre Es Eltex” (Drivecom)
SB “Las Maquinez” (Djax Upbeats)
Anthony Rother “When the Sun Goes Down” (Datapunk)
Mr. Velcro Fastener “The Flock”

Teflon Jacket ELECTRO Studio A troops Teflon Jacket sequence dj PUSH Teflon Jacket

2 Responses to “Teflon Jacket – 8/26/2006”

  1. Jus Wan Says:

    Wicked set. On the third rotation now. We need more of this on the show! Big up Teflon Jacket.

  2. clone Says:

    tight electro set!

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