Jamin Creed – 2/10/2007

Jamin Creed reppin’ for the B.I.G. crew and Grime City drops a scorching Grime set on us.

Download (160kbps MP3)


Jamin Creed
[Grime City, B.I.G. Crew]

Rossi B and Luca ft. Gully Gang (A.R.M.Y)
Highly Rated in the Hood ft. Crazy Titch “Breakin the Scene”
Marxmen “Oh No [version]” (white)
Marxmen “Oh No” (white)
Black Jack ft. No Lay, Hyper, NJ “Straight off the Block”:: The Black Jack EP 2 (On a Level)
Unknown “Slow Grind” (White)
Chunky Bizzle “Unknown” (White)
Unknown (2Step Distributions)
Aaliyah “One In A Million Remix” (Blackground)
Syer Pussy [Wiley Kat rmx]
Radioclit “Mature Macho Machine ft. TTC, Ears, Skepts, Tinchy Stryder (Counterfeet)
Bumblebeez “Fuck Disco” (Modular)
Wiley Kat “Ice Rink” (Wiley Kat 15)
Kidd “First Realm” (White)
Ghetto Kyole “Vocal EP” (Kamikaze)
Coki “Shattered” (Tempa)

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