DJ Ric & DJ M – November 3rd, 2007

Download (192kbps MP3)

More upfront Jungle with Still Doin’ It residents Ric and M.

(Our audio recorder was dropping out sporadically so the mp3 is a 36 minute shorty with a few fade-out/fade-ins.)

Ric & DJ M

DJ Ric & DJ M
[Still Doin’ It]
Drum & Bass

DJ Ric
Lynx – Mariachi (Creative Source)
Calibre – STCal Roller :: Shelflife LP (Signature)
Lomax – Bad Cop :: All Sounds Electric LP (Critical)
Commix – Be True (Metalheadz)
Architex – Altitude [Blu Mar Ten rmx] (Basement)
Peshay – Futurama (Basement)
Architex – Altitude (Basement)

Fracture & Sabre – Bitcell (dub)
Angelzero – Recess [Martsman rmx] (Warm Communications dub)
Instra:mental & Jonny L – Output 1-2 (Darkestral)

DJ Ric
Eveson – Mind’s Eye (Avalanche)
Influx UK – No.1 Bass Rocker (New Identity)

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