Central Projection – September 1st, 2007

This show is a spotlight on the Central Projection crew, in town to headline Still Doin’ It at Anu Bar. Joining us were Tidal, Soul Objective, Jay Le Roc and MC Smilee from the Midlands UK along with their Bay Area partner, DJ Galaxi, and Seattle representative, DJ Equation. Don’t miss this lively session with loads of unreleased material showcasing the deep, musical side of Drum & Bass.

Download (192kbps MP3)

Tidal, Galaxi, Soul Objective, Jay Le Roc, Equation, MC Smilee
[Central Projection – Birmingham UK/Oakland CA/Seattle WA]
Drum & Bass

Nemos – ?
Control – 7 Days (Nexus Recordings)
Naibu – It Took a Long Time (Creative Source)
Galaxi – Genetic Code (Advection Music)
Soul Objective – Apex Destiny (Advection Music)
Soul Objective – Ocean Divide (Advection Music)
Soul Drop – French Quartet
Breakage – Harvester
J-Laze – Meanz Something
Calibre – Acrobat
Deep Gemini – Deepness In the Sky (Advection Music)
Tidal feat. Candice G – Brown Sugar (Advection Music)
Soul Objective – Geocode
Source of Influence – Hey Girl
Deep Gemini – Into the Blue [PFM remix] (Advection Music)
Tidal – Going on Deep (Advection Music)
Soul Objective – Walk a Different Way (Advection Music)
Nookie – ?
Deep Inc – All Night
Kytel & Tidal – Interstate (Advection Music)

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