Caltrop – 2/17/2007

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[Tokyo Electric, Daly City Records]
Space Disco?


Wagon Christ “Bend Over” Receiver
Wagon Christ “Fly Swat” Astralwerks
Boards of Canada “Sunshine Recorder” Warp


Wolf “Papa was a Rolling Stone” Constellation
Roniie Dyson “All over your face” Cotillion
Escort “All the she is” Escort
Chateau Flight “Baltringee” Innervisions
Magnus Interanational “Kosmetisk” White Label
Francisco “Fits” Nature
Zombi “Sapphire” Relapse
Linstrom & Prince Thomas “Into the Future” Fatality Recordings
Softrocks “Welcome to our world” Disco Power Play
Unknown White Label
Kongas”Dr Doo Dah” White Label
Patrick Cowley “Sea Hunt” White Label

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