6/11/2005 – Genome & UFO!

[Groundscore, Phuturo]
Studio B Live Mix
Drum & Bass

60 Minute Man “Give it Up” (Intercom)
60 Minute Man “Summertime” (Intercom)
Influx Datum “Back for More” (Formation)
Architex “Feel Da Heat” (Architecture)
Calibre & A-Sides “People of Tomorrow” (Eastside)
Marcus Intalex “Afrikaa” (Soul:R)
D Bridge & Fierce “Twilight” (Quarantine)
Digital “Termite” (Innerground)
Dom & Gridlok “Hooked” (cdr)
Keaton & Gridlok “Get Away” (Project 51)
Hive, Gridlok, Keaton, Echo “Violent Sound” (Violence)
Subfocus “Scarecrow” (Ram)
Gridlok & Ryme Tyme “unknown” (cdr)
Klute “We Are the Ones VIP” (Commercial Suicide)
Amit “Sound Warrior” (Commercial Suicide)
Leon Switch & Kryptic Minds “Hide the Tears” (Metalheadz)
Amit “Pirates” (Metalheadz)
Hive, Gridlok, Keaton, Echo “Culture” (Violence)
Doc Scott “Spacefunk [Photek remix]” (Timeless)
Ed Rush & Optical “Watermelon” (Virus)

Studio B Live Mix

(All original UFO! material unless otherwise noted)
Evening “Wither & Bloom [UFO! remix]”
Your Red Notes
Morning Fear
Ampara y Fernando
All Lost All Gained
Dark City
Finna Get Paid
Reese Line Weaves ft. Kimillian
Cali Rollout
Chinese Girl

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