5/28/2005 – dj PUSH & Dov, Frogger

dj PUSH & Dov
Studio B LIVE mix

dj PUSH selects:
Beber – Juvenile Delinquent – Marine Parade
Creative Invasion Collective – Co-Nun-Drum – Distintive Recs
One Dead Jedi – Already Dead – Euka Breaks

Dov selects:
General Midi feat.Jakes – Bass Rocka – TCR
Single Cell Orchestra vs Basskittens – Check It – Eyephunk Recordings
Evil 9 – Lovers Not Fighters – Marine Parade

dj PUSH selects:
Resident Alien – Alienation – Fragile Recs
Scissorkicks – Livin for Kicks – PLastic Raygun
Koma & Bones – Face Facts – Forged

Dov selects:
Reflex One – Deep Inside — Nice ‘n Ripe Music
Taishan – Bring de Bongo Resin Recs
Plump DJs feat Gary Numan – Pray for You – Fingerlicken

dj PUSH selects:
Ils – Music – Marine Parade
Sonic Infusion – Reformatted – Polyester Music
Taishan – Dub Hypnosis – Resin Recs

Dov selects:
2 Sinners – Ubuskiboo TCR
Red Star – Strange Fruit – 10 Kilo

Studio B LIVE PA
Breaks + more

(All tracks by Frogger)
Mini Mammal
West Coast (Left Side Re-rub)
There’s a Monster in the Closet
Digital Witchcraft remix
Nu Dizzo

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